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The Leadership Factor - Leaders in Satisfaction Measurement

The Leadership Factor is an international company specializing in satisfaction and loyalty measurement. This total focus ensures the company continually refines and develops its Satisfaction Index™ methodology to remain at the leading edge of satisfaction and loyalty measurement techniques.

An emphasis on continuous improvement and the highest quality standards is underlined by the company’s ISO 9001 registration. Specialization also results in a high number of satisfaction and loyalty studies – in excess of 200 this year.

This builds the company’s Satisfaction Benchmark database enabling it to provide substantial (anonymous) comparative data and to facilitate benchmarking between clients, a benefit further developed at the company’s annual Client Benchmarking Conference.

Nigel Hill, Director of the Leadership Factor, has been involved in customer satisfaction measurement for 12 years. Nigel formed the company to specialize in the discipline in 1996. Author of the 'Handbook of Customer Satisfaction Measurement', he presents seminars and workshops in the UK and Australia and takes a hands on role with The Leadership Factor's key clients.

The Leadership Factor products and services:

Surveys: Employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction and loyalty research

Benchmarking: Comparing your employees’ satisfaction and loyalty against other companies

Modelling and Forecasting: Using satisfaction and loyalty to build powerful ‘Satisfaction Profit Chain’ models

Seminars: One day seminars attended by thousands of prominent companies worldwide

Books: Authors of comprehensive books on satisfaction and loyalty measurement in several languages

Worlwide contacts:

The Leadership Factor
Taylor Hill Mill. Huddersfield, HD4 6JA, United Kingdom
tel: +44 (0)1484 467002
fax: +44 (0)1484 517676
email: uk@leadershipfactor.com
web: www.leadershipfactor.com

The Leadership Factor
7 Rue Clement Ader. F 73100 Aix les Bains France and 12 Rue du 4 Septembre, Paris 75002 France
tel: +33 (0) 4 79 35 44 66
fax: +33 (0) 4 79 35 57 61
email: france@leadershipfactor.com
web: www.leadershipfactor.com

The Leadership Factor
Via Massena, 58. Torino 10128 Italy
tel: +39 (0)11 568 30 44
email: italy@leadershipfactor.com
web: www.leadershipfactor.com

The Leadership Factor
P.O. Box 373, Pymble, New South Wales 2073 Australia
tel: +61 2 9880 2588
fax: +61 2 9880 2599
email: australia@leadershipfactor.com
web: www.leadershipfactor.com

The Leadership Factor
190 Linden Oaks Drive, Rochester, New York 14625 United States
tel: +1 716 389 0640
fax: +1 716 383 4209
email: usa@leadershipfactor.com
web: www.leadershipfactor.com


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