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I'm no expert on project management - just take a look at this website. Perhaps if I had exercised a little PM before commencing with the development it just might have been finished on time.

On that note I'll leave it to Project Management Guru Max Wideman to provide the introduction:

"A successful project management process relies on two activities – planning first, and then doing. These two sequential activities form the basis of every project life-cycle, and can be expanded to suit the control requirements of every type of project in every area of project management application. The project life-cycle, characterized by a series of ‘milestones’ determines when the project starts, the ‘control gates’ through which it must pass, and when the project is finished."

Fundamentals of Project Management
Projects begin because a problem creates a need. In order to solve the problem or fulfill the need, you need to formulate a measurable goal. Once a goal is set, you can develop a strategy to meet it. A project is the strategy to meet this goal...
Jeff Crump EnterpriseCM

The Fundamental Principles of Project Management
Max Wideman provides answers to the question, What are the Fundamental Principles of Project Management and how do these differ from Project Management Practices...

History of Gantt Charts
GanttChart.com (yes a website dedicated to Gantt charts) provide a brief history as well as gantt 'buzz words' and examples...

Critical Path Analysis & PERT Charts
Excellent example from Mind Tools on how to construct a Critical Path Analysis Chart...

Critical Path Method
Useful introduction to Network Analysis of Projects and CPM with a worked example...

Risk Management in Projects: 17 Steps to Success
Theoretically, every decision on a project should be subjected to some form of risk analysis. However, to repeat a formal assessment is impractical for all but significant project events and changes. In other circumstances it is sufficient for the project manager to have a “risk awareness” of any changes taking place. The effective management of risk includes both this informal awareness and a structured approach...
Jeff Crump EnterpriseCM

One Hundred Rules for NASA Project Managers
Compiled by Jerry Madden, Associate Director of the Flight Projects Directorate at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. Jerry collected these gems of wisdom over a number of years from various unidentifiable sources...

Managing Project Risk (pdf 190 kb)
This document covers the methodology and the logic underpinning the practical management of risk in projects. It is designed as an aide memoire for those people planning the risk management system...
Brendan McCarron Services Ltd

Further reading

Project Management for Dummies

Project Management for Dummies
Stanley Portny

Projects have been around since ancient times: Noah building the Ark, Leonardo da Vinci painting the Mona Lisa, landing a man on the moon-all projects. Over the past decade, the number of projects has exploded in the workplace. Projects, from large to small, are the way companies and organizations get work done. Project Management For Dummies dispels the notion that projects are large, technically complex undertakings that only MBA's can manage. This handy reference shows readers everything from how to assemble the right team, to figuring out a schedule, estimating needed resources, and managing the project as it progresses. Also included are real-life project management problems such as: how to get results when you have no direct authority over participants, what to do when team members don't follow through, how to handle differing departmental agendas, and how to balance your regular work with additional project management/participation responsibilities.

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Project management Institute
Established in 1969 and headquartered outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA, the Project Management Institute (PMI) is the world’s leading not-for-profit project management professional association, with over 95,000 members worldwide...

Project Manager Today
Project Manager Today is the UK's leading, longest established (started in 1989), independent project management magazine...

Project Management Forum
The PMForum is a resource for information on international project management affairs. The PMForum supports the development, international cooperation, promotion and advancement of a professional and worldwide project management discipline...

Max's Project Management Wisdom
Max Wideman's site is home to vast array of sage Project Management information and resources...

4 PM's Project Management KnowledgeBase contains an extensive library of papers and articles on all aspects of Project Management...

Project Management Portal including industry news, product updates and reviews, event announcements, white papers, an online calendar, extensive PM vendor directories, PM toolkits, as well as discussion forums and community chats...

Dave W Farthing Software project management links page
Dave's Project Management pages are housed on the University of Glamorgan site and contain a wide-range of useful information...

The Ten Step Project Management Process™
The site advocates a ten step approach to Project Management and provides lots of useful resources including free PM template downloads...

Michael Greer's Project management Resources
Michael is an independent Project Management consultant. His site provides lots of useful articles and resources...









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