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Services Ltd.

Services Ltd. Is one of the UK’s leading consultancies in the field of Six Sigma. We have considerable experience of working with senior management to design, develop and implement successful Six Sigma programmes across manufacturing and service industries including major Blue Chip companies.

A Long-Established Company

Services Limited was founded by our current managing director Professor Tony Bendell, one of the world leaders in quality-implementation. Since its establishment, 19 years ago, it has been supporting organisations in the private and public sectors across the UK and abroad from our Head Office in Nottingham and Regional Offices in Bath and Edinburgh.

Services Ltd. can provide a complete Six Sigma solution. Programmes are devised and led by our experienced consultants including internationally renowned experts Professor Tony Bendell, considered one of the leading trainers of Six Sigma methods, Dr Nick Corke, specialising in Experimental Design and Creativity, Stan Bennett, Process Optimisation and Statistical Control and Brendan McCarron our Public sector Six Sigma specialist.

Services Ltd. has developed a truly European approach to Six Sigma implementation. A “whole brain” method is used rather than the typical primarily “left-brain” approach used on many traditional programmes. This reflects our belief that Black and Green Belts and managers need specific training and mentoring to develop the creative skills necessary for their roles in the addition to their underlying statistical and computing expertise.

Six Sigma, Recent Case Studies

A world-class aerospace supplier, faced with the environmental turbulence arising from the WTC attack, needed to diversify and reduce its cost base fast. Services Ltd. developed and delivered a state of the art Six Sigma programme to enable it to move fast and exploit new opportunities. The company has reduced its reliance on the aerospace sector and is now exploiting new markets and new uses for its existing product as well as developing new products.

A major private sector client approached Services Ltd 3 years ago having identified unacceptable levels of scrap and lost time in its operations. A diagnosis by Services Ltd consultants led to the development and implementation of a tailored Six Sigma approach, working with a number of multi-disciplined project teams that has brought about a complete cultural change in the organisation. Services Ltd's specialist consultants have helped these teams spearhead a radical reduction in the production of scrap and lost time.
Contacting Services Ltd.

For further information please contact:

Services Ltd.
Quality and Reliability House
82 Trent Boulevard, West Bridgford, Nottingham, NG2 5BL
tel: +44 (0) 115 9455285
fax: +44 (0) 115 9817137
web: www.servicesltd.co.uk

The web site also provides information relating to all other areas that Services Ltd. provide including: Project Management; Change Management; EFQM Support Services; Leadership Development; Performance Management; Risk Management; 360 degree appraisal and Creativity.

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