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Manufacturing Awareness Limited

Company Description:

Manufacturing Awareness Limited specialises in the implementation of Lean Thinking in all types of manufacturing companies - with a view to helping them to improve their PRODUCTIVITY, ELIMINATE WASTE, REDUCE INVENTORY and LEAD TIMES, and to help them INCREASE their COMPETITIVENESS.

Manufacturing Awareness Limited can provide both consultancy and Training in Lean Thinking. The Training can be classroom based, but is ideally 'hands on' - involving practical work in a factory or through practical classroom based activities.

Training is based on the manual ‘A Journey Towards Manufacturing Excellence’ and can be adapted to suit any company's individual requirements Courses on individual topics, or two to five day programmes covering the whole Journey Towards Manufacturing Excellence are available.

About Chris McKellen:

Chris McKellen started his career in the machine tool industry before moving to one of the world's leading compressor manufacturers. Here, he was involved in setting up a new factory to manufacture large air compressors, for use on the North Sea oil rigs. He then took up a group role in manufacturing engineering working with several plants.

His move to a specialist diesel engine manufacturer gave him an insight in to the benefits and pitfalls of the early flexible manufacturing systems and the need to increase productivity on such systems.

Later, after joining the automotive division of a major US based group, he learned that some of the traditional planning tools and measures used throughout manufacturing industries could create major problems within the business. This realisation, coupled with the need to improve productivity in a highly unionised environment, led to his keen interest in Lean Manufacturing and later Lean Thinking, the empowerment of employees and the constant drive to become World Class.

He moved to the People's Republic of China to take total responsibility for setting up and the start up of a new World Class manufacturing plant for automotive engine components. Following his return to the UK, he co-ordinated an operational excellence program across a number of European plants before carrying out consultancy assignments in the area of Lean Thinking.

Chris then undertook a long term assignment with another major US based automotive component manufacturing company, where he both trained employees in modern manufacturing techniques, managed major projects and introduced the Lean Thinking concepts and philosophies to traditional purchasing and materials departments.

Contact Details:

Chris McKellen
Manufacturing Awareness Limited
Westhoughton, Bolton, Lancashire, BL5 2QB, United Kingdom
tel: 01942 816492
fax: 01942 816492
email: chris.mckellen@manufacturing-awareness.com
web: www.manufacturing-awareness.com


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