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Newton Industrial Consultants Ltd

Newton Industrial Consultants Ltd is a specialist manufacturing consultancy that works with large companies to drive increased profits throughout their business.

We consistently increase our client's profits by 3%-15% of their turnover within a few months. Production lines, industrial processes and large industrial operations are our areas of expertise. We work with our clients to deliver a 10% to 50% improvement in the output, productivity, quality or waste of any manufacturing process, in 2 to 6 months, without capital expenditure.

By working closely with our clients' management and production teams to achieve real, measurable results, we help them build the skills, reporting systems, structure and commitment for sustainable manufacturing performance improvement.

Our clients include several FTSE 100 companies and many world-class leaders of the manufacturing industry.

Manufacturing companies compete on cost, quality and customer service. Newton consistently unlock millions of pounds worth of profit from within companies existing operations.

This scale of improvement is achieved by working at company, divisional and plant level to:

• Understand and value the strategic implications of increased productivity

• Interpret current performance to value and prioritise individual problems

• Work with the local operations team to implement improvement

• Deliver process improvement

• Ensure the skills, systems and motivation exists to make improvement sustainable.

To request a brochure contact: info@newtonconsulting.co.uk

Newton Industrial Consultants Ltd

10 Main Street, Shenstone, Lichfield, Staffordshire, WS14 0NB
tel: 01543 481557
fax: 01543 481576
email: andrewhawes@newtonconsulting.co.uk
web: www.newtonconsulting.co.uk


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