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Oliver Wight

Oliver Wight is a worldwide company. Using Oliver Wight’s proven methodology of getting the right balance of focus between people, processes and systems allows you to maximise the results from business development programmes. We assist you to manage to a common agenda with a single set of company figures for all processes and functions, and integrity from the boardroom to shop floor. All of this is achieved through line ownership of your processes. With our guidance, knowledge-transfer, coaching and practical implementation methodology, your business will gain the necessary skills to achieve excellence.

Our wide range of public and private courses will enable your people to gain an understanding of best practice and the proven essentials of change management to maximise success in implementation. Though facilitated workshops your people will apply the best-practice model and principles to develop unique application to your business, in accelerated timescales. Oliver Wight coaching and mentoring will motivate and encourage your teams to deploy sustainable new ways of working that will deliver step-change performance and competitiveness. Assessments for excellence allows you to establish current reality and challenge management to establish a compelling vision for the future, establish the gap and hence the required journey.

An Oliver Wight Class ‘A’ programme provides the vehicle for robust integrated foundation processes that deliver reliability and performance. The journey will continue to increase competitiveness through excellent process control, waste elimination and responsiveness in the pursuit of business excellence and outstanding shareholder value.


We offer, public and privately conducted tailored management courses, facilitated workshops, excellence assessments, seminars, videos and book publications all concerned with Oliver Wight.


A mentoring and coaching style developed through years of combined experiences. Oliver Wight help to maintain the critical change process required to deliver real business benefits through process improvement initiatives. To support this activity, we offer Excellence Assessments against our ABCD Checklist that allow benchmarking against the renowned Class “A” standard. Attaining Class ‘A’ is a major milestone on the journey to excellence.

We constantly work to improve integration between the three critical elements within a change programme, namely people and behaviours, processes and tools/systems. Many consultancies focus on transactional level integration of processes and systems whilst Oliver Wight strive to address the behavioural considerations enabling redesigned processes, operating on appropriate support tools to truly leverage the business.

At the forefront of both management thinking and implementation, Oliver Wight’s integrated business model incorporates the best and proven management practices. Managed through “Integrated Business Management” (enhanced Sales & Operations Planning) the model addresses all aspects of planning and executing an integrated supply chain including product portfolio management, driving increased velocity through the elimination of waste, defects and reduced variability.

The Oliver Wight unique approach of education, facilitated workshops and coaching provides our clients with best-practice understanding and the motivation, ownership and support to drive behaviour change. Our understanding of the sequence of steps on the journey to excellence will deliver maximum business benefits and enable sustainability whilst adapting to a constantly changing world.

Contact Details:

Oliver Wight
The Willows, The Steadings Business Centre, Maisemore, Gloucester GL2 8EY
tel: +44 (0)1452 397200
fax: +44 (0)1452 397230
email: email@oliverwight-eame.com
web: www.oliverwight.com

Carol Collins
General Manager
Oliver Wight EAME
t el: +44 (0) 1452 397200
fax: +44 (0) 1452 397230
email: carol.collins@oliverwight-eame.com
web: www.oliverwight-eame.com


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