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Quality Through Teamwork (QTT)

The ability to continuously improve is essential for all organisations and can only be achieved by improving the operation of key businesses processes. People operate these processes, so the challenge is to encourage individuals to get involved and use the power of teamwork to deliver real performance improvement.

Managing teams, getting them to work effectively and securing the best from each individual is a challenging process. Success depends on creating the culture and providing the skills, tools, and support to encourage and enable individuals at all levels in the organisation to become involved. Without proper training in the necessary tools and techniques failure is almost certain to occur and you rarely get a second chance.

To facilitate the need for effective training, QTT was formed by Bob Boddy in 1993 with the objective of providing specialist training for all levels of employee on Leadership and Team Development Skills for both the private and public sectors of the manufacturing and service industries. Bob, formally a Personnel and Training Manager with Michelin Tyre Company was responsible and instrumental in setting up their employee involvement programme in 1983 and has continued to work in this field developing and implementing similar programmes for companies throughout the UK. Based on many years of practical experience QTT has developed a very practical approach to helping organisations succeed by ensuring the development of key skills, tools and techniques.

Bob and his associate presenters have many years of practical experience delivering training and consultancy to a wide range of companies throughout the UK.

If you would like further information please feel free to contact us.

Quality Through Teamwork
9 Foxhill, Ballymena, County Antrim, BT43 5JB
tel: 028 256 47519
fax: 028 256 47519
email: robertboddy@utvinternet.com


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