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The Consultancy Company


The Consultancy Company provide practical expertise and assistance to companies and organisations within both the private and public sectors.

Our practice is built on three divisions which reflect our depth of experience and expertise. The divisions are: Public Services, Service Industries and Supply Chain.

Working alone or in teams, our consultants provide value for money by identifying and implementing practices and behaviours which result in greater commitment and higher individual and group performance.

In all our assignments, our consultants seek to build long-term relationships with our clients, and our success in achieving this is demonstrated by the substantial amount of repeat and referral business that we gain.

The Consultancy Company is a founder Certified Practice of the Institute Management Consultancy.

Public Services:

Our Public Services Division works with public, private and third sector organisations whose purpose is primarily related to public service delivery. This includes Health, Local Government, Central and Regional Government, Not for Profit, Utilities, Higher & Further Education and Emergency Services organisations.

Many of our assignments focus on inter-Agency working, for example, between Health and Social Services, or between Not for Profit organisations and the statutory sector. Our clients include many NHS Health Authorities and Trusts, Local Authorities, Registered Social Landlords and Government Agencies.

Our consultants have an in-depth understanding of public service organisations and of the distinctive culture which differentiates them from other types of organisations. We have an established track record of working at the most senior level and much of our work is commissioned as a result of personal recommendations.

Service Industries:

We provide high level consultancy support to Service Industry clients from many sectors but have particular skills and experience in:

• Travel, Tourism and Leisure
• Technology and Financial Services
• Consumer and Distributed Products

Our consultants' ability to combine strong sector experience with superb analytical and implementation skills ensure that we provide practical, sustainable solutions to our clients needs. Much of our work is developed by cross-industry teams with the fresh thinking that comes from not being constrained by any inherent preconceptions so that new and innovative solutions are created to provide 'best in class' results.

Our aim is to establish a 'partnership' relationship so that we become a responsive and sensitive part of your own management team.

Whether the requirement is for a specific skill or knowledge, or just another pair of competent hands, our clients value the flexibility and commitment that we bring to every assignment we undertake. As a result we are proud of the high level of repeat and referral work that we are asked to provide.

Supply Chain:

The growing importance of effective supply chain management in manufacturing and retail industry was recognised by The Consultancy Company in the mid 1990s. To address this the Supply Chain Division was created and a team of specialist consultants assembled so that all your supply chain needs can be addressed, from supplier to customer.

We recognise that technology is the driver of change, but that alone it cannot create a truly integrated supply chain that is effective for all the links in the chain. Our consultants have an enviable record of integrating technology with the physical processes and the way that people work to help organisations create truly world-class, integrated supply chains.

Our expertise is recognised within the industry and we have a range of major international clients and ongoing partnerships with e-supply chain providers and industry bodies committed to spreading best practice as a way of creating competitive advantage.

Contact Us:

Jack Horsnell
Principal Consultant
The Consultancy Company
The Kidlington Centre, Kidlington, Oxford, OX5 2DL
tel: 01865 841177
fax: 01865 841155
email: Jack.Horsnell@the-consultancy.co.uk
web: www.the-consultancy.co.uk

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