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Triaster - Process Navigator

About Us:
Triaster is a company built on firm foundations. With a strong consultancy background, the Triaster team combines a deep understanding of organisational culture and the challenges involved in process improvement, together with highly focused technical expertise.

Many, perhaps even most companies recognise the importance of putting their intellectual capital to work, but turning this theory into practice has for too long been a hugely complex task. Attempts to engage employees in strategic initiatives have rarely been successful because there has been no simple way to harness their knowledge. As a result, employees have all too often seen their input ignored and their interest has dwindled - initiatives become viewed as impositions and a culture of resistance quickly builds up.

Triaster is an organisation dedicated to breaking this cycle by providing organisations with software solutions that engage employees in strategic initiatives. Triaster enables businesses to make better use of their intellectual capital to deliver real business benefits. We can unlock the potential of your staff.

Triaster is based in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, and was established in 1994.

Our Products:
Triaster offer a range of solutions within the Continual Process Improvement Solution arena:

webaccelerator – the perfect solution for organisations that need to publish their business processes and procedures documentation to the intranet. This solution delivers a complete solution to consolidate, streamline and automatically publish all process information, on a specifically designated section of the company intranet. webaccelerator includes a complete professional services package including full project planning and the design, structure and set-up of the process intranet site.

mappingaccelerator – the perfect solution for any organisation that wants to map their business processes. This is a ‘light touch’ solution; you get the software and all the knowledge needed to use it properly, we assist you with the implementation and usage in the ways that you define are necessary to achieve your objectives. All your processes captured in a standard, consistent, open format, ready to do what your business needs to do with them. mappingaccelerator is the ‘DIY’ process mapping solution whilst webaccelerator offers a complete package, to deliver a fully designed and set up intranet, with customised managing reports such as RACI and automated publishing of the maps.

improvementaccelerator – the perfect solution for organisations that need to implement better processes and maximise their return on investment in a process library. This is a complete, fully managed solution covering every single aspect of process improvement from the initial scoping work right through to the sign-off of the new processes. Process improvement becomes a natural by-product of work and bottom-line benefits occur quickly due to the practical, business focused approach. Every core support process will be fully mapped and measured against the performance indicators that matter most to your business.

Continual Process Improvement Solutions Flash Demonstration:

Contact Us:
For further information, please contact:

Triaster Ltd
tel: 01491 821800
email: carma.cooper@triaster.co.uk
web: http://www.processmapping.co.uk

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