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Allan Sayle's Comment

Column Archives

Column 15: 13 August 2006.
Air travel and terrorism
“Is your journey necessary?” is a question posed to all during World War 2 so that unnecessary stresses on national resources would be avoided. As one awakes today, August 10, 2006, one is greeted with news of a foiled plot allegedly designed to destroy aircraft in mid-flight over the Atlantic Ocean. One finds oneself asking that WW2 question and considers every potential air traveler and business ought to ask it as well.

Column 14: 09 July 2006.

A Birthday Party in Michigan
On July 4th, US Citizens put aside for a while natural concerns about an unpopular war, rising rents, mortgages, health care and education costs, burgeoning budget and current account deficits etc. And in the park they enjoy a marvelous display of fireworks – a Chinese invention.

Column 13: 16 March 2006.

Do statistics show quality improvement programs damage national gdp?
Statistics make for a useful servant but a poor master. Blind application in process control or any other application can lead to strange conclusions.

Column 12: 08 March 2006.

Effective team creation
The age of rapidly assembling appropriate ad-hoc teams requires intelligence about what is available to and going on in the organization. A modern quality department and an effective management audit program is a service needed.

Column 11: 01 March 2006.
Counter-terrorism through global supply chain development
The current row about Danish cartoons featuring offensive images of the prophet Mahomet forces one to confront and consider the issue of cultural and religious intolerance and to ponder whether global supply chain development could provide a lasting solution.

Column 10: 22 February 2006.
Leveling the playing field
If you want to win ignore it and get on with the game.

Column 9: 15 February 2006.
The energy race as a quality program battleground
The background to the new energy race and the importance of quality programs in winning it.

Column 8: 07 February 2006.
Destructively testing quality’s services
The value of maintaining a quality department is constantly assessed at every level of the organization. Do you really deliver a quality service? What reputation are you creating everyday?

Column 7: 31 January 2006.
Charles Dickens got it wrong
Mathematics quietly determines organizational success and the effectiveness of management. To be of service and employable, quality professionals must be well trained in its use and application.

Column 6: 25 January 2006.
The downsizing of Ford Motor Company
No matter how big is your organization, “quality” is Job One, as the Ford Motor Company once proclaimed and all of its stakeholders have now learned the hard way.

Column 5: 19 January 2006.
People are not assets
“People are our most valuable assets” is a common, lofty and perhaps well-meant sound bite with which, upon its analysis, it is difficult to feel comfortable. It is not true.

Column 4: 11 January 2006.
Understanding your market – always a high stakes game
When it comes to making sure your quality program addresses vital issues for assessing market needs, the stakes are equally high for all businesses, regardless of the top line numbers involved.

Column 3: 05 January 2006.
Credibility, trust and quality
Organizational results depend on the credibility of top executives and how well employees and customers trust them. To be effective, quality programs depend on trustworthiness.

Column 2: 28 December 2005.
What a convenience!
A light hearted look at a new, indispensable innovation for the modern bathroom.

Column 1: 21 December 2005.
2006 and quality programs
Some trends and matters that are likely to effect business in the coming year and their possible effects and demands on quality programs are reviewed.

Column 0: 14 December 2005.
Hopes and goals for a new column
The preamble to a regular column written by Allan Sayle, describes what he hopes his column will provide.





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