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"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics"
Benjamin Disraeli

Statements like these give statistics a bad name. Personally I prefer the following quotes by Scottish mathematician and physicist Lord Kelvin.

"If you can not measure it, you can not improve it"

"When you can measure what you are speaking about and express it in numbers you know something about it"

Statistics is a set of tools used to organise and analyse data. Statistics are an essential element of quality improvement and it is important that every quality professional has an understanding of the basic statistical tools. On this page you can find statistics articles and links to some of the best statistical resources and text books available on the internet.

Statistical Process Control
A Guide for Business Improvement

Statistical Process Control: A Guide for Business Improvement
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SPC is a most important technique to help ensure your processes consistently meet the needs of your customers.

Topics covered include:

- Introduction
- Getting started
- Control charts in general
- Control charts for variables
- Control charts for attributes
- Chart interpretation
- Capability
- Summary of the process improvement stages
- Topics related to charting
- Control charts for special situations
- Capability estimations

The Future of Statistics in Quality Engineering and Management
This paper asks the question whether statistics has a future in supporting quality improvement and argues that statisticians’ attitudes were potentially the biggest danger to the existence of that future. Please don't be put off its a fantastic and insightful read...
Professor Tony Bendell Services Ltd

Statsofts Electronic Textbook
Unbelievable amount of information from Elementary Concepts to Experimental Design...

Statistical Tutorials and Exercises by B. Gerstman from San Jose State University...

These Statistics Tools for Internet and Classroom Instruction aim to help students to think logically about quantitative evidence and to translate real-world situations into mathematical questions...

Statistics at Square One
Dougal Swinscow's Statistics at Square One which was one of the best selling statistical text books in the UK is revised for the internet by M J Campbell, University of Southampton...

Concepts and Applications of Inferential Statistics
A free, full-length, and occasionally interactive statistics textbook from VassarStats (one of my personal favourites)...

Further reading

Statistics for Dummies

Statistics for Dummies
Allen L., Ph.D. Webster, Mary Jane Sterling

Statistics for Dummies is a simple, clear, direct guide that enables any reader to feel confident interpreting data and applying the concepts of statistics. Statistics For Dummies will help readers take the "margin of error" out of opinion polls. It will explain statistical concepts like "mean," "media," and "probability" and help readers develop confidence analysing and interpreting business data for improved on-the-job performance.

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Statistics Jokes
Gary C. Ramseyer's first internet gallery of statistics jokes...

Statistics Fun
Gary C. Ramseyer's archives of statistics fun...

Statistical Cartoons
Statistical Cartoons by Ben Shabad...







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