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Failure of components is unavoidable, the job therefore is to predict them, prevent them where possible, plan for them, and build in the ability to overcome failures.

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis is a tool for facilitating the process of predicting failures, planning preventive measures, estimating the cost of the failure, and planning redundant systems or system responses to failures.

How to - FMEA
Fantastic resource for FMEA includes: The role of FMEA in a typical quality management system, history of FMEA, definitions and acronyms, understanding failure modes, identifying FMEA elements, reducing risk; as well as an FMEA study process flow chart...

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
A Guide for Business Improvement

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis: A Guide for Business Improvement
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FMEA is an analytical technique to ensure potential problems have been considered and addressed at both the design and process stage. The basic principles contained within this guide will equip the reader with the knowledge necessary to use this technique.

Topics covered include:

- Introduction
- Organisation and Management for FMEA
- FMEA Implementation
- Computerisation
- Alternative Review Techniques
- A Guide to Ratings
- FMEA Phrases and Terms
- Examples of Extracts from Typical FMEA’s

Further reading

Basics of FMEA

Basics of FMEA
Dermott Mikulak Beauregard

Failure mode and effects analyses (FMEAs) can actually help prevent failures, defects, and errors, because FMEAs identify special causes of variation before they occur. This is why the automotive industry's QS-9000 standard requires their use. But FMEAs are a valuable tool for any industry in which defect prevention is important. The Basics of FMEA explains failure mode and effects analysis simply and concisely, discusses when to use FMEAs (e.g., during design, manufacturing, etc.) and shows how to perform FMEAs step-by-step.

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FMEA Info Centre
The FMEA Info Centre is a non-commercial web-based inventory dedicated to the promotion of Failure Mode and Effects Analysis...







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