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The ISO 9000:2000 Standard has made customers the focal point of a processed based 'Quality Management System'. The Standard requires management "to ensure that customers requirements are determined and are met with the aim of enhancing customer satisfaction".

Customer satisfaction measurement and ISO 9000:2000 (pdf 113 kb)
The article describes the requirements for customer satisfaction measurement (CSM) as specified by the ISO 9000:2000 Standard...
The Leadership Factor

Identifying customers requirements (pdf 110 kb)
A key principle underpinning the ISO 9000:2000 Standard is that organisations reason for being is to meet customers requirements. The Standard makes many references to 'meeting customers requirements' but provides little explanation of what 'requirements' are or how they should be identified...
The Leadership Factor

We have not had any customer complaints!
The 1994 version of standard ISO 9001/2 gave the impression that the only necessary dialogue with the customer relating to performance was that arising from a complaint and auditors were not able to estimate the true opinion possessed by the customer with regard to the performance of the organisation. This situation has changed considerably for organisations and auditors with the publication of ISO 9001:2000. We are now in the era of taking cognizance of customer opinion and using that opinion for the direction of quality management systems. With this revision of the standard an organisation must actually solicit the opinion of its customer base and react to that opinion...
David Powley DNV Certification Ltd

Further reading

Customer Satisfaction Measurement for ISO 9000:2000 - by Nigel Hill

Customer Satisfaction Measurement for ISO 9000:2000
Nigel Hill
The book explains in a clear and simple manner how to conduct a professional customer satisfaction survey that will produce a reliable result - as well as being consistent with the requirements of ISO 9000:2000.  Each step of the customer satisfaction measurement process is explained sequentially and is linked to the appropriate clauses in the ISO 9000:2000 Standard.

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