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All organisations strive to continually enhance customer satisfaction - don't they?  There's no doubt the most successful ones do! The only business performance indicator that ranks above customer satisfaction in my book is profit - without satisfied delighted customers though?

Success with satisfaction (pdf 129 kb)
Why should we strive to satisfy customers? Perhaps this is a rhetorical question but nevertheless we should be clear about the answer. It is not because we want them to go away happy, it is because we want them to come back and spend more money!…
Jim Alexander The Leadership Factor

Does customer satisfaction pay? (pdf 186 kb)
In 1987 the American Consumer Association revealed that it cost five times as much to win a new customer as it did to keep an existing one. This was the trigger, which propelled many organisations in the advanced economies into a customer focussed business strategy…
Nigel Hill The Leadership Factor

Why measure customer satisfaction (PowerPoint 342 kb)
An excellent and easy to digest presentation - why and how to measure customer satisfaction...
The Leadership Factor

Oh no, not another questionnaire! (pdf 524 kb)
I will not take the time to complete and send back a questionnaire. I am not in the minority however, nearly everyone I speak to feels the same. So why do organisations assume their customers will complete a questionnaire?

Ask and you will know
Companies engaged in B2B sales need to constantly measure satisfaction amongst their key customers. Often the success of the business can sometimes hinge on the views of the top 50 clients. Unlike consumer marketing where there are always many more customers to replace those who drop out; in B2B marketing it can sometimes takes months or years to replace a key account...
Michael Herson The Strategy Works

Customer satisfaction measurement: how not to do it, how to do it and why it should be done (pdf 199 kb)
Many organisations fail to apply adequate rigour to their customer satisfaction research process and consequently produce misleading results. This is detrimental even if the results are used only as a guide for service improvement strategies but could be very damaging if they are to contribute to strategic decisions…
Nigel Hill The Leadership Factor

Questionnaire design (pdf 61 kb)
The customer satisfaction measurement requirements of ISO 9000:2000 will lead to an increase in the use of surveys. The best response rates will be achieved by the most professional questionnaires…
Nigel Hill The Leadership Factor

A representative sample (pdf 118 kb)
An accurate measure of customer satisfaction will be generated only if it is based on a statistically robust sample of customers. However, the technical aspects of achieving a robust sample are poorly understood and often neglected...
Jim Alexander The Leadership Factor

Sample size calculator
Try the sample size calculator...
Survey Guy

Complain, Complain
JoAnna Brandi urges us to take a look at the process we have designed to deal with our customer's complaints (and feedback) to see if it reflects the level of customer caring and appreciation we want to portray...
JoAnna Brandi "The Customer Care Lady"

How to get higher response rates for your employee satisfaction survey (pdf 91 kb)
Response rates when conducting an employee survey are notoriously variable anything from 20% up to 95% is possible. So why do employees sometimes respond to surveys and other times don't? - And more importantly what can be done to achieve a response rate high enough to give you confidence in your own survey results…
The Leadership Factor

Food for Thin Cats
(pdf 92 kb)
Is your organisation healthy, well fed and contented. If so, then lucky you. Many organisations are lean and hungry; scavenging for scraps and success is not easy to come by...
Brian Birkby Birkby Lancaster Consulting

Further reading

How to measure Customer Satisfaction

How to Measure Customer Satisfaction
Nigel Hill, John Brierley, Rob MacDougall
Written by three leading practitioners, How to Measure Customer Satisfaction is a highly practical guide to developing and running an effective customer satisfaction measurement (CSM) programme. To be effective, a CSM programme must first of all produce accurate measures - this book takes readers step-by-step through designing and implementing a CSM survey, highlighting blunders that are commonly made and explaining how to make sure that the measures produced are accurate and credible. It also covers ways of gaining understanding and ownership of the CSM programme throughout the organization, the second key requirement for its long-term success. Finally, the relationship between customer satisfaction and concepts such as loyalty and delight are explored.
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The American Statistical Society
Link to a range of handy brochures about survey research...

The Business Research Lab
A US site with plenty of useful information on customer and employee satisfaction - especially in 'the research tips' section...

Group Plus
A US commercial organisation specialising in focus groups. The site contains useful background information and lots of articles by Tom Greenbaum...

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