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Much of the change we desire whether professionally or personally is within our own hands.

The Self Management resource is a real mishmash of articles designed to help us cast a critical eye over ourselves. Self analysis and self management are vital if we want to become more productive and achieve greater levels of success in work and life.

How to get the most (for yourself) from training (pdf 171 kb)
If training is not important to a particular job today, that job will not be important much longer, either. What makes training such a big deal?
Achieve Global

Feedback to See How Others See Me
Like beauty, service, quality, honesty, or integrity, leadership is in the eye of the beholder. I judge myself by my intentions. Others judge me by my actions. My intentions and the actions that others see may be miles apart. Unless I know that, I am unlikely to change my actions or try to get others to see me differently. I can become trapped in their reality and get very frustrated when they don't respond to me as I'd like...
Jim Clemmer

Life Accumulates in Our Personal Choice Accounts
Our choices accumulate in our personal choice accounts. We're accumulating deficits or surpluses with each decision we make. We are continually shifting the balance of our choice account. However, the longer our poor choices are allowed to accumulate, the more time and effort will be needed to shift that balance. So we need to get started immediately. Are you in Credit?
Jim Clemmer

Choice More than Chance Determines Our Circumstance

"What's the world's greatest lie?" the boy asked, completely surprised. "It's this: that at a certain point in our lives, we lose control of what's happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate. That's the world's greatest lie." — Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist...
Jim Clemmer

Pursuing Failure
It's OK to fail. Barton Goldsmith believes that if people are not allowed to fail, they cannot grow; and any organisation striving for the next level should encourage risk taking and creativity and accept failure as an inevitable and useful part of the process...
Barton Goldsmith CEO Goldsmith Consulting

Are you working too hard?
Corporate decision makers need to review whether those for whom they are responsible are striking the right balance between activity and thought, and between action and reaction. Maybe less 'input' and fewer interruptions would mean more valuable outputs...
Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas

Corporate Communications in Crisis
Corporate value statements advocate openness. Professional codes of practice champion integrity. Managers are expected to have ‘communication skills’. Substantial investments have been made in communications technologies. A distinctive vision, stretching goals and clear objectives can inspire, excite and energise people. However, many companies fall short of these ideals...
Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas

Outside the Box Business
'The Box' is a comfort zone. It is where people feel at ease, where they feel safe. However, if you look at the accomplishments of great thinkers, business leaders, performers, athletes and artists, you will see they reach the pinnacle of success in their respective fields because they choose to move beyond what was comfortable, what is known...
Barton Goldsmith CEO Goldsmith Consulting

Manage By Mobilizing - Create an environment that empowers people
Jody Urquhart provides some sound advice on becoming a better Manager whilst empowering your team...
Jody Urquhart Idoinspire

Leading Well under Pressure
Barton Goldsmith provides some useful techniques for releasing pressure. Get ready for some primal screaming...
Barton Goldsmith CEO Goldsmith Consulting

Innovative Problem Solving
Problems play a part in every Quality Professionals working day and we need to be adept at solving them. Barton Goldsmith argues the only way to become a truly effective problem solver is to get creative...
Barton Goldsmith CEO Goldsmith Consulting

A Guide to Finding and Keeping Quality Engineers

A good practice aide memoire for selecting and retaining Quality Engineers...
Roland Lee Jonathan Lee Recruitment

Basic Management Skills
A series of award winning articles by Gerard M Blairon which appeared in IEE Engineering Management Journal bimonthly from Oct 1991 until Apr 1993...

Changing Minds
Changing others' minds is at the core of many professions and disciplines, from teaching to brand management to psychotherapy to sales. And although each has its body of knowledge, they all have much in common. Brainchild of David Straker the Changing Minds web site aims to become the world's leading site for information on all aspects of how we change one another's minds. And it's doing a pretty good job...




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