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Kaizen in Japanese simply means change (kai) for the better (zen), although the term has become associated with the philosophy of gradual, orderly, continuous improvement, involving everyone in the organisation.

Kaizen is implemented by lower management and workers but relies heavily on Senior Management support and direction to develop the necessary culture that challenges workers to be creative in finding solutions to problems hopefully without the need for hard cash.

According to Imai (1986), “The message of the KAIZEN strategy is that not a day should go by without some kind of improvement being made somewhere in the company.”

Help Your Business, Learn From Puppy Training
As leaders we always want to improve the performance of our organization. To improve we must release the creativity in our employees, leaders must get involved in their employees’ work. Customers want our products and services to be better, delivered faster, and produced less expensively. This means that everything we do needs to be improved. To stay competitive in this world we have to be better then we were last year and we should be prepared to be better next year. We must continuously improve. Engaged employees can show us the way. All employees can be thinking about how to reduce costs, looking at safety issues, reducing wastes and improving the environment, while at the same time developing skills to identify, articulate and communicate those kinds of things...
By Chuck Yorke

Continuous Improvement - A Three Legged Stool (TQM - LEAN - Quick and Easy Kaizen)

You might be familiar with TQM and Lean as two of the very important parts to continuous improvement and hopefully you will soon be aware that continuous improvement requires another vital part which we call Quick and Easy Kaizen...
Norman Bodek PCS Press

What is the purpose of the suggestion system?
Brief article outlining some of the benefits of employee suggestion systems...
Norman Bodek PCS Press

Four "Must See" Presentations
Four superb PowerPoint™ Presentations on Lean / Kaizen, Quick Changeover (SMED), 5S and Mistake Proofing provided by Learning & Productivity Pty Ltd who specialise in support resources for manufacturers in Australia and New Zealand...

Further reading

All You Gotta Do Is Ask

All You Gotta Do Is Ask
Chuck Yorke, Norman Bodek

All You Gotta Do Is Ask explains how to promote large numbers of ideas from your employees, something most organizations do very poorly, if at all. The people who manage such organizations are either unaware of the power of employee ideas, or they don’t know how to tap it. This easy-to-read book will show you why it is important to have a good idea system, how to set one up, and what it can do for you, your employees, and your organization. In 1989, for example, Japanese companies were averaging more than 37 ideas per employee, of which 87% were implemented. Quantifiable bottom-line savings were calculated at more than $4,000 per employee. By contrast, their U.S. competitors put little effort into encouraging employee ideas.

Buy US  

The Kaizen Blitz: Accelerating Breakthroughs in Productivity and Performance
Anthony C. Laraia, Patricia E. Moody, Robert W. Hall

The Kaizen Blitz: Accelerating Breakthroughs in Productivity and Performance

Kaizen is an approach that enables incremental productivity improvement involving everyone across the organization, managers and workers alike. The Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) has pioneered a powerful application based on kaizen service and marketed as the Kaizen Blitz. The hallmark of Kaizen Blitz and why it is so appealing to manufacturers is that the approach delivers breakthrough improvements in the 40 - 50% range quickly. This book explores the approach and shows how to implement kaizen for rapid results, discussing the preparation necessary, obstacles to be wary of and the results you can expect. Companies profiled in this book include: Critikon, Wiremold, LanTech, Pfizer, Nypro, Hammond Manufacturing, Jacobs Manufacturing, and Pratt & Whitney.

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Idea Generator, The: Quick and Easy Kaizen
Bunji Tozawa, Norman Bodek

Idea Generator, The: Quick and Easy Kaizen

The purpose of this book is to teach you how to encourage and support others to come up with small improvement ideas on a regular and sustained basis, ideas that can be self-installed on the job to make work easier, to give a sense of achievement and also add to the overall success of the company. It is written for managers and executives, leaders in the workplace, and for those interested in improving their own work lives by helping to make work more interesting, more enjoyable, and fun. The foreword is written by Joe Magliochetti Chairman - CEO of the Dana Corporation who receive over 2,000,000 ideas a year from all of their employees. This book tells you how to do it.

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Gemba Kaizen: The Common-sense Approach to Business Management
Masaaki Imai

Gemba Kaizen: The Common-sense Approach to Business Management

When it comes to making your business more profitable and successful, don't look to re-engineering for answers. A better way is to apply the concept of kaizen, which mean making simple, common-sense improvements and refinements to critical business processes.The result: greater productivity, quality, and profits achieved with minimal cost, time, and effort invested. In this book, you discover how to maximize the results of kaizen by applying it to gemba business processes involved in the manufacture of products and the rendering of services the areas of your business where, as the author puts it, the "real action" takes place.

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Kaizen Institute
The founder of the Kaizen Institute is Masaaki Imai the man who introduced the word "KAIZEN" to the world way back in 1985. The Kaizen Institute is home to dozens of excellent articles and case studies and you can even test your Kaizen Power with a quiz...







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