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Dr. W. E. Deming
Dr. W. E. Deming

The late Dr. W. E. Deming (1900 - 1993), one of the foremost experts of quality control in the United States, was invited to Japan by the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE) in July 1950.

Upon his visit, Dr. Deming lectured day after day his, "Eight-Day Course on Quality Control," at the Auditorium of the Japan Medical Association in Kanda-Surugadai, Tokyo. This was followed by Dr. Deming's "One-Day Course on Quality Control for Top Management," held in Hakone. Through these seminars, Dr. Deming taught the basics of statistical quality control plainly and thoroughly to executives, managers, engineers, and researchers of the Japanese industries. His teachings made a deep impression on the participants' mind and provided great impetus to quality control in Japan, which was in its infancy.

The transcript of the eight-day course, "Dr. Deming's Lectures on Statistical Control of Quality," was compiled from its stenographic records and distributed for a charge. Dr. Deming donated his royalties to JUSE. In appreciation of Dr. Deming's generosity, the late Mr. Kenichi Koyanagi, managing director of JUSE, proposed using it to fund a prize to commemorate Dr. Deming's contribution and friendship in a lasting way and to promote the continued development of quality control in Japan. Upon receiving the proposal, the JUSE's board of directors unanimously made a resolution to establish the Deming Prize.

Later, the Japanese translation of Dr. Deming's book Some Theory of Sampling was published. Dr. Deming further contributed to the fund using the royalties from his book. Since then, the Deming Prize has grown considerably, and today JUSE carries the overall administrative costs for the prize.

The Deming Prize Guide
Covers all aspects of the Deming Prize including how the prize was first established, categories of prize, the effects of the prize as well as words from previous winners...

The Guide for the Deming Application Prize 2004
(pdf 734kb)
Provides full details of the 2003 application and examination process for all categories of The Deming Prize...

Demings Way
This essay was first published by Myron Tribus in 1981, just after he had met Dr. Deming. It has been reproduced in several languages and is now considered a classic in the field. It is intended to introduce Deming's ideas to a skeptical audience without need for technical explanations...

Deming Related Papers
Link to a wide-range of Deming related papers held on the Deming Electronic Network Website from "The Business of Business is People" by Laurie Broedling to "A Study of Statistical Process Control" by Dr. Henry Neave...

Deming's 14 Point Plan for TQM
Discussion and interpretation of Demings points by Mr D Wilson of Educe...

Further Reading
W. Edwards Deming library
A comprehensive list of books written by or about W. Edwards Deming...


Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers
JUSE are Custodians and Administrators of the Deming Prize...

Deming Electronic Network Website
The DEN web site and companion discussion list were created in 1994 as a focal point for sharing resources, discussions, learning, and research on the Deming Philosophy. They currently have more than 1,000 papers, essays, files, and programs; as well as more than 1 million archived discussion list messages freely accessible in this web site...

The W. Edwards Deming Institute
The W. Edwards Deming Institute® is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 1993. We particularly like "The Man" section of the site as it includes a biography, articles, a picture gallery and music scores. Dr. Deming enjoyed composing music...

UK Deming Forum

The Deming Forum was formed in 2000 to encourage deeper learning & more effective application of Dr W Edwards Deming's management philosophy.  The Forum runs learning events and acts as an information service & focal point to foster sharing of best practice and networking between organisations...

Institute of Quality Assurance - Deming Special Interest Group
The group explores the Deming approach and aims to develop Deming's thinking and ascertain how this approach can be incorporated into the modern business community, with a view to improving products and services...

The Deming Learning Network

The aim of the Deming Learning Network is to facilitate "Continual Organisational Improvement through Learning" And that the learning should be applied so that it feeds through to bottom line benefits such as profit, morale of staff, service to the customer and innovation...

Pat Oliphant's Illustrations of Deming's 14 Points
Pulitzer-prize-winning cartoonist Pat Oliphant collaborated with producer Clare Crawford-Mason and Dr. Deming to illustrate Dr. Deming’s 14 Points...

The Swiss Deming Institute
Easy to navigate site with lots of excellent resources including the One Hundred Best Deming Quotations...







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