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"TQM didn't work for us - so now we're going lean"
A.N Other CEO

Total Quality Management (TQM) has suffered a spectacular fall from grace since the 1990's when it was wrongly believed that it would lead organisations effortlessly down a rose petaled trail to immense wealth. During this time CEO's clamoured for seats on the bandwagon and declared with stomach in and chest out "we're doing TQM".

It has been reported that around 90% of TQM implementation programmes failed, so what went so wrong? Was the TQM philosophy flawed? Ultimately in the majority of cases it was a lack of vision and understanding of the long term commitment that was required to effect the culture change necessary to become a Total Quality Organisation. Deming once said that implementing TQM would take organisations at least seven years and the truth of the matter is that most businesses and CEO's won't or can't wait that long. Twas ever thus!

The TQM philosophy is a holistic approach for addressing overall organisational performance, central to the philosophy is that all organisational functions are focussed on meeting customer needs and organisational objectives. This company-wide approach views organisations as a collection of processes that must be continuously improved by incorporating the knowledge, skills and experiences of all workers.

The old masters never fade away
In the late 1980s, when Professor Tony Bendell wrote "The Quality Gurus" booklet for the DTI’s ‘Managing into the 90s’ campaign, little did he realise how long his analysis of quality gurus would remain relevant. He still receives requests for copies, which he now regards as collectors’ items. Quality World asked him to look again at the quality gurus, from the vantage point of the year 2000...
Professor Tony Bendell Services Ltd

TQM overview
A concise introduction to Total Quality Management by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)...

Leadership in TQM: What Does It Mean?
Superb paper written by Thomas Lee and Jamshid Gharajedaghi on the importance of leadership to the success of Total Quality Management (TQM) implementation, the paper outlines the prerequisite leadership functions required to maximise the chances of success...

How Total is Your Quality Management?

True Total Quality Management produces dramatic results. But moving from PQM (Partial Quality Management) to TQM (Total Quality Management) requires as much discipline, consistency, and new habit formation as moving from endless dieting or new year's fitness resolutions to long-term, permanent lifestyle change.
Jim Clemmer

What is Quality?
Quality has many definitions and a sometimes perplexing reputation. This article goes back basics and takes a bigger picture to frame quality into the fuller business context. Written by David Straker...

Let's get back to Common Sense
A plethora of manufacturing improvement philosophies is available, so where should the smaller business start?
Chris McKellen's easy to read and practical paper brings the 'big picture' into focus...
Chris McKellen Manufacturing Awareness Limited

Why Six Sigma is not TQM
In this paper Thomas Pyzdek compares the critical differences between Six Sigma and TQM , and explains these differences are the reason why the popularity of TQM has waned, while Six Sigma's popularity continues to grow...

Further reading

TQM: Text with Cases

TQM: Text with Cases
John S. Oakland
Supported throughout with real-life case studies, this text provides a simple model for "Total Quality Management" and includes comprehensive coverage of the concepts students need to understand. The way TQM can be applied in all business activities is described. This third edition features material on process modelling and management; people development; performance measurement; the business excellence model; self-assessment; benchmarking; and the implementation of TQM. There is also information on Six Sigma and ISO 9000-2000. Case studies reflecting the latest developments in the area focus on organizations which have fully integrated the TQ approach into their business operations and delivered real benefits.
Buy UK Buy US  

Pocket Guide to TQM (Mini Pictorial Guides)
John S. Oakland, Peter Morris (Illustrator)

Pocket Guide to TQM (Mini Pictorial Guides)

This mini-guide aims to show students and managers what they need to understand about Total Quality Management in a simple, clear form. Cartoons help to illustrate some of the complex issues and confusing jargon.

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Quality's Greatest Hits: Classic Wisdom from the Leaders of Quality
Zigmund Bluvband

Quality's Greatest Hits: Classic Wisdom from the Leaders of Quality

The quality movement has had numerous leaders, theories, and best practices that have revolutionized the way organizations operate. Often the myriad of information can be confusing, occasionally contradictory, to even the most experienced quality manager. Finally a guide of the most useful and noteworthy pieces of information on quality management has been collected in one convenient, easy-to-use guide book. Quality's Greatest Hits: Classic Wisdom from the Leaders of Quality is a handy, user-friendly guide of the most notable theories, tools, and quotations from quality's biggest names. This quick reference of quality principles, tools, and notable quotes belongs on the desk of every manager. While not intended to teach these quality fundamentals to the reader, this book is an ideal reference for anyone who has to make presentations, provide quality training, or serve as a mentor by providing convenient and time-tested information. Quality's Greatest Hits is a great refresher fir the experienced quality manager, and helpful guide for those still trying to find their way in the confusing maze of quality. The ideas collected include SPC, design, ISO, TQM, quality gurus (Juran, Deming, Crosby), project management and more.

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