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It is a requirement of the BRC/IoP Packaging Standard to have a formalised preventative pest control programme in place for all manufacturing and storage facilities. If you don't have the expertise in-house you will have to employ a competent company to carry out your pest control programme.

In the UK the recognised trade body for pest control companies is the British Pest Control Association (BPCA). To become a BPCA member, organisations have to meet a range of criteria which includes having competent trained staff and adequate public and product liability insurance cover. Members must also agree to abide by the BPCA Codes of Practice and the BPCA Code of Conduct.

A list of BPCA registered pest control companies can be found in the Buyers Guide.

Good practice tips
Make sure your pest control contractor puts shatterproof tubes in the Electric Fly Killers (EFK's) and get them to change them in the spring to ensure that they are at full strength for summer and the busy bug months.
Position EFK's strategically so that freshly frazzled insects don't ping off into the packaging.
Get the pest control contractor to use non-toxic baits especially on internal bait points.
Try to accompany both the Field Biologist and the Technician on at least one of their inspections each year.
Ask your pest control supplier if they can take digital photographs of problems they find (e.g. stacking / proofing). Photographs are great way of grabbing attention and can be circulated very easily.

If you have an infestation problem visit the Insect Gallery and identify the enemy.

The British Pest Control Association
The BPCA promotes high standards of professionalism within the UK pest control industry through training courses, examinations, publications, exhibitions and conferences.

The National Pest Technicians Association
The NPTA describes itself as the No1 pest control association in the UK.

Seeing the 'creatures' on this US site makes one thankful for the cold and inhospitable climate of good old Blighty.


It's not strictly pest control, but the site does give some interesting and colourful insights into the lives of our tiny friends. The author describes the site as "one chapter in an online encyclopedia of life I am writing".

A US site, worth a visit if only for the 'tip of the week'.

Paradise for the DIY pest controller. The site has images and descriptions of some of the common pests (in the US).

Jun Fan's insect portal
Be warned, if you enter this site you may lose several years of your life!









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