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Highly satisfied customers jump ship!

Although Customer Satisfaction Measurement is critical for identifying precisely where to focus improvement activities to make the biggest gains in Customer Satisfaction, the zenith is Customer Loyalty! Having customers who will stick by you, promote you and even love you - whatever the weather!

How to Win 'Raving Fan' Customers
Providing good service on time every time isn’t good enough, claims management guru and best selling business author Ken Blanchard. He insists you can only be guaranteed to beat the competition if you create ‘Raving Fan Customers.’ So who are they and how do you get them?
Dr Ken Blanchard

Customer satisfaction, loyalty and profit - understanding the links between service and the bottom line (pdf 145 kb)
Customers are becoming ever more demanding, and in most markets they have more options to choose from than ever before. At the same time 'switching barriers', the inconveniences of changing supplier, are being reduced…
Stephen Hampshire The Leadership Factor

Customer loyalty: how to measure it, understand it and use it to drive business success (pdf 165 kb)
Since it is now widely recognised that it is much less costly and much more profitable to keep existing customers than to win new ones, customer retention has become a major goal for most organisations. In principle it's simple. You just have to keep your existing customers. But how?
The Leadership Factor

Customer Service Rocks
In all businesses we have four types of customers. First we have our new customers, who we give most of our attention to. Second are our current customers, who we maintain, but don't go out of our way for because we feel that their business is "safe". Third are our past customers, people who no longer do business with us, and fourth are those who are not our customers yet. Let's focus on the third type of customers - those who have gone away...
Barton Goldsmith CEO Goldsmith Consulting

When Caring is not Enough (pdf 108 kb)
The ultimate quest - not the merely satisfied, but the hugely satisfied, wildly enthusiastic customer whose experiences with the organisation are delightful and special enough to generate deep feelings and loyal behaviour...
Achieve Global

Focussing on Creating Value
When creating value, not creating profit, is the central operating system permeating every aspect of your company, interesting things happen, only one of which is higher then average profitability....
JoAnna Brandi "The Customer Care Lady"

7 Card Stud Customer Loyalty
Although the love of money may be the root of all evil, the love of customers may be the root of all profits! Many business owners have gambled a great deal of these profits at the poker table of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and have come up empty or been bluffed out of the game.

Steve Schroder Permission Required Consulting

18 Short but Sweet Customer Service Insights
They may be short but they are definitely sweet and guaranteed to enlighten...
Shep Hyken

The Loyalty Special Report (pdf 319 kb)
Strategies to build business relationships with customer, clients and employees...
Shep Hyken

Building Loyalty through creative contact

Customer contact is essential to building loyalty. A few simple and effective tips...
Karl Walinskas

Service that WOWs Customers into Loyal Devotees
Ten steps to WOWing customers and helping transcend them from a state of satisfaction to one of ultimate loyalty, impervious to cheaper offers and external threats...
Karl Walinskas

Is Loyalty Dead?
JoAnna Brandi dispels the myth that "Loyalty is Dead"; moreover in companies that consciously and painstakingly set up processes and mechanisms for creating value for all of their stakeholders - customers, employees, stockholders, suppliers and communities, loyalty is alive and well, and rewarding them with profits and repeat business...
JoAnna Brandi "The Customer Care Lady"

Further reading

Improving Customer Satisfaction Loyalty and Profit: An Integrated Measurement and Management System

Improving Customer Satisfaction Loyalty and Profit: An Integrated Measurement and Management System (University of Michigan Business School Management Series)
D. Johnson, Michael D., Anders Gustafsson

"It is cheaper to keep a customer than replace one" - just about everyone understands that customer satisfaction and loyalty are essential to business success, but when it comes to linking customer research to company organisation to deliver high levels of service and quality products - most companies haven't a clue. In this title the authors offer a five-stage process that links the key elements of customer satisfaction measurement with market strategy and product development for business success. It shows managers how to develop a good relationship with their customers and how to break down walls between departments and integrate functions.

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Building Great Customer Experiences
Colin Shaw, John Ivens

Building Great Customer Experiences

This volume is about building and delivering great customer experiences. Many companies neglect this, but the physical execution and emotional impact of customer experiences, companies and brands may ultimately determine customer satisfaction and loyalty and commercial success. With the use of examples and cases, the authors show that this is key for all companies and organizations.

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Loyalty Rules!: How Today's Leaders Build Lasting Relationships
Frederick Reichheld

Loyalty Rules!: How Today's Leaders Build Lasting Relationships

Builds on the core concepts that proved so popular in Reichheld's first book, The LoyaltyEffect, a Business Week bestseller, in which he convincingly established the link between loyalty and bottom-line profits. Loyalty Rules! uses vivid stories from a range of top companies to illustrate why building loyalty is more important than ever and how to do it.

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Handbook of Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Measurement
Nigel Hill, Jim Alexander

Handbook of Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty Measurement

An examination of how to use research effectively. It takes the reader step-by-step through the process of designing and conducting a survey to generate accurate measures of customer satisfaction and loyalty. The research process is explained in detail, including questionnaire design, analysis and reporting, but the book also covers other elements of an effective customer satisfaction process. These include project planning, communicating with customers before, during and after the survey, and providing internal feedback and taking effective action to address issues raised by the survey. This new edition (previously published as "Handbook of Customer Satisfaction Measurement") includes four new chapters on loyalty measurement. As well as examining the nature of loyalty, the book provides detailed information on how this complex concept should be measured. The satisfaction-profit chain and associated modelling and forecasting techniques are also explained.

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Loyalty Effect
An excellent Loyalty resource from Frederick Reichheld the author of Loyalty Rules! Lots of articles and links to loyalty resources...

Speakers Roundtable
Speakers Roundtable is an invitation-only association of 20 of America's foremost motivational speakers, professional speakers and keynote speakers. Articles on Customer Service, Customer Loyalty and much more...

Vicki Lenz
Author and speaker on Emotion Marketing and customer loyalty - lots of free to read articles...

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