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The BRC Global Standard - Consumer Products The BRC Global Standard - Consumer Products

Released on August 12 2003, The BRC Global Standard - Consumer Products is a voluntary certification standard for consumer (non-food) products with its scope covering a variety of diverse industries and product categories such as:

- Tobacco and Accessories
- Decorating and DIY Supplies
- Games, Toys and Hobbies
- Personal Care
- Recording Materials (Audio & Visual)
- Travel Goods
- Pet Related Products

The above is not a complete list by any means, and an overview of the standard including full details of the product categories can be downloaded from the BRC website.

The standard has been developed to promote product safety, legality and quality and to help retailers fulfil their obligations to this end. The Standard will provide a common approach to the certification of companies providing consumer goods to UK retailers, and requires:

- the adoption of a hazard analysis and appropriate controls established
- a documented and effective quality management system
- the effective control of factory environment standards, products, process and personnel

Further information will be added to this page as it becomes available, so please check back regularly.


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