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The Sound of All Hands Clapping: Use recognition to build a better organization
All humans crave recognition. It’s a universal need. Whether you’re a manager in Atlanta or a mechanic in Burnley, you want others to notice your efforts. Simply put, getting recognized feels good. We’re all aware that employees benefit from recognition, but we tend to forget that organizations benefit just as much from recognizing their employees. What are some of the benefits to both employees and their companies?
Craig Cochran

Recognition - the Power of the Pen
Somehow in this society we have confused fame with recognition. The sad by-product being that only the famous are recognized. I don't believe that only the stars deserve to be recognized. What about the company heroes you encounter on an every day basis? Right on Barton...
Barton Goldsmith CEO Goldsmith Consulting

Team Spirit: Cultivate the Culture
Team spirit is the catalytic agent to performance. Strategic plans, marketing, technology, and capital investments are important. But the emotional commitment of the people using the tools or executing the plans will determine if they sink or soar. Too often we enter expensive facilities with high expectations, only to be treated like an intrusion by frontline staff. Or huge investments in CRM technologies, designed to enhance customer service, are used by indifferent frontline staff...
Jim Clemmer The Clemmer Group Managment Consulting

Beyond Manipulating and Motivating to Leading and Inspiring
We've known for decades that money doesn't motivate most people to higher levels of performance. In his seminal 1959 book, The Motivation to Work, Frederick Herzberg identified money as a "hygiene factor." If we feel we're not fairly compensated, lack of money can de-motivate. But once we feel we're treated fairly, the promise of more money doesn't sustain higher energy and mobilize inspired performance...
Jim Clemmer The Clemmer Group Managment Consulting

Quality and the Quality of Work Life go Hand to Hand
ISO 9000 – 14000, Six Sigma and Lean lead now the quality efforts in most companies but while we strive for greater quality we often neglect the very quality of work life itself...
Norman Bodek PCS Press

The Non-Secret of Successful Management
Fact - a little praise and recognition from an executive will create more motivation than money. A good enough reason to say the two most important words in the English language...
Barton Goldsmith CEO Goldsmith Consulting

Caught in the Act - how to acknowledge people without turning them off

In this paper Jody Urquhart argues against ceremonial awards as a viable means of recognition. Jody believes that if we are to motivate effectively we must foster a culture of appreciation in our organisations that is a routine part of every day...
Jody Urquhart Idoinspire

Create a Positive, Upbeat, "Can-Do" Workforce and Dazzle the Customer with Your Caring
Given the choice of dealing with a positive, upbeat employee with a "can-do" attitude or dealing with a disgruntled, distracted, uninterested one, which would you choose? No contest. Customers always want the best experience possible; they want it to be easy and pleasant to do business with your company. Enter the real challenge of "Relationship Management," the relationships. Until all of our business is done electronically, and much of it might be, managers, in addition to making sure the work gets done, still need to be concerned with the performance of the most important link in the customer connection - people...
JoAnna Brandi Customer Care Coach

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